Tobihime: InterBreed (トビ姫 – Inter Breed – Ver1.04) (Warning 18+ Only)!

(Warning before reading this is targets at adults 18+ only!)

Japanese Game Developers: Hmm people like RPGs…Angry Birds…and sex right? Why not put them all into one game! 

That’s the H-Game I happened to come across lol. I thought I’d try make my first ‘guide’ or even touch up on the mechanics because of how interesting the game was. The animation in the game is actually really good, and it’s really cool how they mix 2D characters with an interactive 3D background. Also, the unique mechanics make it addictive as fuck – along with the cool fucks… Oh and the music is surprisingly really soothing and amazingly good. 

New Discovery: Some clothing items you equip will change their appearance. *Thumbs up* (Pics down below in ‘Spoiler’s Section)

P.S I’m not Japanese so I couldn’t actually understand the game. Usually when I play Japanese games I pretty much ‘trial and error’ then do my best to adapt/interpret what the hell is going on lol. Original Game Guide Link.  If you get bored at some point from reading feel free to scroll down to the ‘FUN STUFF‘ where I talk about the breeding mechanics 😉


From what I could ‘guess’ – the story is about a princess/queen who gets enslaved and gets raped by a slime. She manages to escape the dungeon with the help of her two newborn slime children. As in the games title ‘Inter Breed’ – is exactly what you do throughout the game. The purpose of the game is to find bad guys (creatures) to fuck/breed with to help build your team to defeat the final boss. 

tobihime - inter-breed LAUNCH CLOSEUP

Queen is fighting to escape the enemies castle with her new kids.

tobihime - inter-breed - STORY

Blue queen successfully escapes and is now on a journey for ‘revenge’?

This game is pretty simple and it comes with stages ranging from Normal, Hard and Maniac. I finished the games ‘story’ from playing all of ‘Normal’ mode – I think it took me less than 5 hours? (I was grinding though).

tobihime - inter-breed MAPAfter you’ve selected the stage you want to play, you get taken to the battlefield. This is where the ‘Angry Bird’ mechanics come to play. Just like in Angry Birds, you successfully complete/win the stage if you defeat all of the ‘Leader’s in each round and stage. The first few stages you play always have around 1 to 3 rounds that you need to complete until it ends – the later stages go up until 5 rounds.


To defeat these bad guys, you hold down the ‘left click’ button on the mouse, draggg down then let go! The difference between this game and Angry Birds, is that this is an RPG aka Fighting is involved. At the start of your turn, you always start off with two ‘launches’ before it’s the opponents turn to attack!

Each bad guy/creature has their own unique attack (they only have one type of attack). For example, slimes don’t move and burst out a small explosion – if you’re within that range you’ll get hit and take damage. So in this game there’s actually two ways to lose – 1. You have no more players to ‘launch’, 2. All your players die. However you still lose even if your players are alive on the field (So 2. doesn’t matter that much – your characters dying will make it harder for you to win – which will be mentioned later) 

tobihime - inter-breed LAUNCH

Each character in your team has a specific ‘special move’ they can use if you press ‘left click’ after launching the character. For example, the Blue Queen after being launched – can plummet straight down when you ‘left click’. Another example, her blue slimes, after being launched can do a diagonal plummet (in the direction you’re launching/facing with the arrows).

There is also another unique mechanic in this game – passive abilities; after the character lands on the ground/has finished being launched (after one turn) their passive special ability will go off. Example, The Blue Queen will automatically jump a certain distance towards the enemy then plummet down again to damage them. You can’t control the characters after they’ve been launched though – so make sure you launch the characters into good fighting position). Each character has only 1 passive special ability.

The Queen’s blue slime’s passive special ability will let them roll a certain distance towards the enemy and damage them. 

tobihime - inter-breed CLICK-SP

Blue Queen being launched towards the Big Blue Slime.

tobihime - inter-breed CLICK-IMPACT

Blue Queen performing her ‘Left Click’ special move while being launched. (Special: Plummets straight down)

Note: You can still win the round from just killing the ‘Leader’s. Killing extra monsters on the way will give you more exp at the end of the stage. (More exp = more levels = stronger characters = easy game).

When you successfully complete the rounds and finish the stage you will come to this Result screen. The amount of exp you get at the end is distributed evenly. The blue diamond in the left hand corner is the EXP section, on the right of it there is a light green text with a 0 which represents how much exp you get. (I already clicked ‘next’ on the page, so that’s why it says 0). The white numbers on the right of the characters is the amount of exp they need until they level up. Example, in this picture the Blue Queen needs 39 more exp until she reaches level 10.

In the middle is the gold coin – or in this game is ‘pec’s. Again because I already clicked ‘next’ it shows up as 0Pec, and the white numbers show how much money you currently have. The coins you collect are used to purchase items for your characters.

The stars don’t really mean much it’s just there for perfectionists. But basically, if you can fulfil the requirements of the stage e.g. collect 14 coins or even kill 8 monsters, then you will be rewarded a star. To be on the safe side, just collect all the gold coins you see and defeat all the monsters. When you complete the stage for the first time you’ll be given a reward item. (In my case, it was that red staff).

On the top right half of the screen are the chests you’ve collected after defeat the monsters, and the items from opening them. The very bottom right corner with the character in it, means that I successfully bred with a monster – and as a result have bred that Purple Bird Girl. I’ll go into more details further down.

tobihime - inter-breed BREED CHILD Tut5

Results Screen after stage complete. Star rating, items from chests, lvl up, gold (pecs), breed update

After the Result screen you’ll be taken back to the world map. And you’ll have the following options: the Shop, your Inventory/Equipment, and your Team.

This is the Shop – Purchase screen where you can buy items for your characters and view the items stats.

tobihime - inter-breed - SHOP-BUY

Shop – Purchase Screen. Weapons etc.

This is the Shop – Selling screen, where you can sell items you don’t need. (I can’t read Japanese so I just kept everything or sold the things with lower numbers lol)

tobihime - inter-breed - SHOP-SELL

Shop – Selling Screen.

This is the Inventory/Equipment screen where you can adjust your teams items and view the items in particular categories e.g Attack, HP etc.
tobihime - inter-breed EQUIP2 - CLICKDRAG2

The ‘Team’ screen is where you can view your current team or decide who you should use for a particular stage. A picture of my team can be found in the ‘Spoilers’ section down below.


Okay ittttt’s time…to .. get the fuck off. Jokes. But really, this is where all the breeding aka sex happens.

tobihime - inter-breed BREED CHILD PROCESS

Bird Breeding

tobihime - inter-breed BREED CHILD PROCESS2 (launch without attacking towards love birds)

Bird Breeding 2

Breeding Mechanics:

So this is how it works. BEWARE! Breeding can be dangerous! When breeding, the character you choose will be knocked out…or more like knocked up – and won’t be able to participate in the battle until the end of the stage. Breed only if you know you can finish the stage without that character! Also you can only breed in stages after Stage 1 – (1-3), so Stage 1 – (1-4) should be your first love-struck or fuck-mate. (I also created a list of where to find easy breed monsters in the Spoiler Section down below)

Easy steps – Choose mother + love hearted monster > launch mother into love-hearted monster (Make sure you don’t attack with your ‘left click’ special). > wait one turn > kill Leader’s then try finish the game asap before losing otherwise you’ll have to start the process again. If you kill the Leader before you’re filled with sperm you won’t get the child at the end. So make sure the character is K.O’d.

P.S You can breed with every creature in the game. You can also create cool combos/breeds for e.g. The minotaur child + orc. GOTTA BREED’EM ALL!

tobihime - inter-breed LOVE BREED

Thorough steps on breeding & tips – 

Firstly, you need to find a monster/creature that has love hearts around it. From what I’ve noticed, ‘Leader’s don’t get affected by this – so you’re searching for non-leader monsters! My short-cut to breeding is to keep ‘refreshing’ or ‘resetting’ the stage until you find the hearts. You can reset the stage if you click the ‘pause button’ on the bottom right corner of the screen. (Click the first option in that menu – the second one takes you back to world map). 

tobihime - inter-breed BREED CHILD Tut1

Love at first sight. Love-struck. No…Fuck at first sight. Fuck-struck.

What you want to do now is decide who, out of your characters you want to breed with. Unfortunately the kids only change colours when they have different mothers e.g. if you choose to breed the Blue Queen with the a bird it will give you a Blue Bird Child, Purple Queen will give you a Purple Bird Child etc. Spoilers Kinda: There are only 5 main ‘mothers’ with the colours blue, purple, green, yellow and red. 

Note: It doesn’t matter what colour the creatures are, the kids will always end up as the same colour the ‘mother’ was. It would’ve been really cool if the kids looked a tad different too (apart from the colours to tell who belongs to who).

tobihime - inter-breed BREED CHILD Tut2

Getting banged … bird brain.

Now launch your character into the monster you want with love hearts and it’ll fuck the shit out of you! (Without attacking the monster). Don’t forget, make sure you don’t kill the Leader straight away in this turn otherwise it’ll skip  the breeding process.

You have to wait until this scene happens (with the sperm), to know if it was successful. The monster should fuck you so hard you fly off it. (cause that’s really what happens lol) 

tobihime - inter-breed BREED CHILD Tut3

Sperm Attack = Success!

When your character dies, then that’s a good sign of successful breeding LOL. Now do your best to survive until the Result screen. Good luck! (If you want to read ‘hidden mechanics’ continue reading – if not, no worries, it’s not needed to complete the game in Normal mode though – but it will help a lot)

tobihime - inter-breed BREED CHILD Tut4

Get fucked so hard until you die. Literally.

tobihime - inter-breed ENDING LOL

This scene made me LOL so hard.

Extra Mechanics:

In the game there’s a scissors paper rock mechanic as well – depending on what colour fights with what will determine the damage output –  but in general if your characters are strong it’s not that big of a deal. However, if you plan to dominate this game then yeah it’s a completely different story. Oh and the harder the stages the better rewards/equips. For further details on the game here’s the original site –> Original Site

Finding Easy Hearted

List of first-round non-Leader monsters (Best locations for early round breeding mates) –

Slime – Stage 1 (1-4), Stage 2 (2-1), Stage 2 (2-5), Stage 3 (Ex 3-2)

Bird – Stage 2 (2-2), Stage 2 (2-4), Stage 2 (Ex 2-4)

Bee/Flying Insect – Stage 2 (2-5), Stage 2 (Ex 2-1), Stage 2 (Ex 2-3)

Dog/Wolf – Stage 3 (3-1), Stage 3 (Ex 3-1)

Plant – Stage 3 (Ex 3-3)

Orcs – Stage 3 (3-4), Stage 4 (4-5), Stage 3 (Ex 3-4), Stage 4 (Ex 4-1), Stage 4 (Ex 4-3), Stage 4 (Ex 4-4)

Spider – Stage 4 (Ex 4-2), Stage 4 (Ex 4-3), Stage 4 (Ex 4-5)

Bat – Can’t find an easy one yet.

Squid – Stage 5 (5-3), Stage 5 (5-4), Stage 5 (Ex 5-1), Stage 5 (Ex 5-3), Stage 5 (Ex 5-4)

Lochness/Sea Monster/Sea Dino – Stage 5 (Ex 5-2)

Remember to keep resetting the stage until the hearts appear.

Spoilers Further down – Hentai/Naked Pics (CG):

My ‘read more’ tag doesn’t work LOL.

I finished the CG Set – Yay 100%~ (To unlock all of the CG set you have to make sure you complete the ‘EX’tra stages/maps.

Tobihime - Inter-breed - Finished CG

CG’s Unlocked – 100%

I found some clothes in the ‘Shop’ and noticed they effected the sprite/character which is really cool.

Tobihime - Inter-breed - Clothes

Special Goddess Costume

Special Breed (Minotaur Girl + Orc):

Tobihime - Inter-breed - Special Breed

Minotaur + Orc

Tobihime - Inter-breed - Special Breed - Dark Minotaur

Dark Minotaur Special Breed

Special Breed (Plant Girl + Slime):

Tobihime - Inter-breed - Special Breed - Small Plant Breeding

Plant Girl + Slime Breeding

Tobihime - Inter-breed - Special Breed - Big Plant

Special Big Plant Breed (From Plant Girl + Slime)

Special Breed (Squid Girl + Wolf):

Tobihime - Inter-breed - Special Breed - Wolf and Squid Girl

Squid Girl + Wolf

Tobihime - Inter-breed - Special Breed - Squid Wolf Girl

Special Bredd – Squid Wolf Gir

Here’s my team (I’m still in the process of collecting every single possible breed:

Tobihime - Inter-breed Team

My Team

tobihime - inter-breed FINISHED

Finished Game

Spoiler: This is the ending scene lol.

For more of my H-Game guides or reviews check out –


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